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SUN in June/July 2012

Datum: 07.07.2012
Gebruiker: walter
Installatie: walter

The year 2011 gave us almost 4300 kWh electricity. So that year 2011 was the BEST year in terms of RESULTS from our SOLAR system up to now. Alzways nice to brake a record.
This year 2012 did not start with extreme values. The month of June was the worsed in terms of results since this installation is operational.
Nevertheless, overall results are still very good and we stay very satisfied with the installation.

Can only recommend to do the same to others...

There is currently a CRISIS into the SOLAR buisiness according to my verifications. I am from Belgium where there is only ONE factory producing solarcells (panels ?) and this is PHOTOVOLTECH in Tienen. Where they a bit more then 2 years ago where searching for expansion (enlarge productions/number of people working) they can not get their cells SOLD now. They CLOSE buisiness.
SAD, ... for those working there AND for this buisiness in the first place.
Are the "cheap" products from Azian countries the CAUSE or is there just an enourmous expansion from production everywhere and the market is slowing down (due to less government incentives to help this solarbuisiness). WHO knows ?????

I believe the FUTURE is laying in STORAGE capacity from electricity. The technical BEST and affordable solution is for sure the BIG winner for the near future and we NEED this to keep investing in SOLAR power...
So companies that are working in this buisiness ==> Keep searching, renovating, making solutions in that respect.