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Results from 2013 are less the previous years

Datum: 04.01.2014
Gebruiker: walter
Installatie: walter

The year 2013 did not give the same results as previous years.
Clearly the year with the lowest production results since this installation is operating.
No direct worries with my installation since it still produces as it should compare to others here in this region.

With some joy I noticed at least a new RECORD for the month December 2013 : with 134.9 kWh, this month became the BEST December since this system operates.

The chances to have a "better" global result in 2014 is high. Not so difficult for the SUN to start working more and better then she did in 2013.

Still I remain happy ( and proud ) with my system installed in November 2006.
It was the first of this kind in this street. Clearly MANY followed my advice and also installed systems onto their roof. All resulted into the fact that our street became the SOLAR-STREET from the "FLANDERS" region. Now already a few years ago ( Did report this already before ). After that event, many others did follow this good initiative and also installed SOLAR panels on their roof. Today we have so many systems installed in this street that I lost their count.

I hope also once to be selected for installation from the month. Every time I apply for it, I keep hoping...

WISHES for 2014 :
- Naturally a good health ( I will become 50 ... )
- LOTS of SUN for the solar systems installed everywhere.
- Hope to find an other installion capability elsewhere to invest a bit more in the SUN. ( Still looking ... )